triggerYoo now with HTTPS

The last release of triggerYoo was a long time ago. But now the time has come.

Some changes were made on the server side. A few bugs have been fixed, update of components and upgrade to HTTPS connection.

The Android App and iOS App have some minor bug fixes and also the upgrade to HTTPS.

Using HTTPS the […]

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triggerYoo goes USA

Jippijajey we did it! triggerYoo is now available in the US Apple App Store and the Google PlayStore.

After the integration of the SMS provider Twilio and the internationalization of triggerYoo we were able to successfully release the app for the US market . We hope for new customers from the US.

A small positive side effect […]

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triggerYoo iOS released

We’ve done it!

After a year of development, we have released the iOS version of triggerYoo in the App Store. We are very proud of it. Finally Trigger between Android smartphones and iPhones can be exchanged. This gives us a smartphone market by nearly 80 % in Germany.

We have currently decided no further platforms such as […]

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